Thursday, May 25, 2017

What is Your Favorite Holiday?

I love holidays - mainly because I love any chance to fellowship with friends and family over good food and conversation. I also love how each holiday has rituals of their own, making them special in their own way. By default, I feel like I should say that Christmas is my favorite holiday. That is everyone's favorite, right? I do love that time of year and the joy it brings, but I'm also a big fan of Memorial Day. Yep, you read that right.

I know Memorial Day isn't considered one of the "official" holidays - like Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter, but it's a holiday that I have always found particularly enjoyable for so many reasons. For an obvious reason, it's the (unofficial) start of summer! As a former school teacher, this holiday meant school's out, and the joy that brought was enough reason on its own to make it my number one holiday! Any teachers out there feel me? I also love that the holiday brings people outside - for BBQs, pool days, and my personal favorite - days on the boat! Chris's dad has a lake house in Georgia, and it's been our tradition for years to celebrate Memorial Day with his family at the lake. I just love kicking off summer on the water.

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I can't go without saying that I also love Memorial Day because of the meaning behind it, which we (myself included) often overlook - remembering those who lost their lives in active military service. I think people who serve our country deserve as many holidays as they want. We should stop and celebrate/remember them way more than we do - so thank you to those who are currently serving, and my deepest sympathy goes to those who have lost loved ones who were serving.

Photos by Catherine Truman

So tell me, what is your favorite holiday? And how will you be spending Memorial Day?

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