Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The $25 Dress You Need For Summer

Y'all, it's officially summer! According to the calendar, summer started last week, and the temperatures here in Nashville definitely got the memo because they've been on the rise ever since. I can really tell we are in the heat of summer here in the south with the arrival of two things: humidity and lightening bugs. While I love watching the lightening bugs illuminate my yard at night, the humidity is something I could definitely live without. But hey, I love summer and I love the south, so if humidity comes along with that, I'll just have to take it.

Wearing a lightweight dress definitely helps with the humid summer weather, and I tend to live in them all season long! Because a cool, breezy dress is my go-to during these hot months, I like to have a good selection to choose from - without spending a fortune! Enter SheIn. I love that all of their pieces are pretty affordable. I will say that it's important to read reviews on the item you're buying because I have ordered some things that have turned out to be low quality clothing. When shopping at SheIn, I always look closely at pictures other people post and read the reviews. So many people shop at SheIn, so you can usually get a good idea of the quality after reading some of the reviews - don't skip that step!

This dress ended up being just as many of the reviews said it was - a fun, flirty dress and of good quality! For only $25, it definitely meets my expectations and is a dress I really enjoy wearing. The polka dots are fun, and I love the overall fit - especially how it's short in the front and long in the back! It also has a tie at the waistline, which I love because it defines the waist a little more. It's one of those SheIn success stories of a good buy (ha ha), and for just $25, you seriously can't beat it! I know I'll be wearing it all summer long.

On another note, I meant to have this post up on Monday, but life happened and I decided to take the weekend off and enjoy being home with my hubby. Because priorities, right? So what did we do? We had a full on Harry Potter movie marathon! Duh. Would you believe me if I told you that I had never seen any of the Harry Potter movies?! I know, my husband couldn't believe it either. Which is why we dropped everything and enjoyed a lazy Saturday and Sunday watching the movie series. I am loving it so far! It was fun to unplug and escape to the movie world for a while! So how was your weekend? Or maybe I should be asking how your week is going, since it is Wednesday - ha ha! Thanks so much for reading!