Monday, July 31, 2017

Soaking up Summer

How has another month come and gone?! I can't believe it's the last day of July - slow down, summer! While I know the month of August is still considered summer according to the calendar, as a former school teacher, the end of July and beginning of August meant only one thing - the end of summer. I know all you teachers out there are soaking up your last few days with no alarm clock and leisurely lunches that are longer than 20 minutes (and don't consist of eating while making copies).

Even though I'm not teaching anymore, this time of year will always remind me of soaking up the last of those summer days and enjoying everything about this wonderful season. To me, summer means doing all things outside, and since the weather this weekend was absolutely gorgeous, Chris and I did just that. The sun was shining and there was light breeze that helped off set the humidity, so we stayed outside as much as we could to soak it all in.

On Saturday morning, we walked to a breakfast spot down the street and were lucky to find a table outside to enjoy a couple of egg and avocado sandwiches with iced coffee. After doing a little afternoon yard work, we headed to a Hot Air Balloon festival in Franklin, TN - a little town right outside of Nashville. It was such a fun summer activity! We scouted out all the food trucks and decided on lobster tacos (that were as delicious as they sound), had a few local brews while listening to live music near the stage, and visited several vendor booths along the way. At dusk, the hot air balloons were inflated, and it was definitely a sight to see! I just love festival season.

A good pair of summer shorts is something I hardly come by. My legs are my least favorite feature, and while I try to appreciate them for what they are, I'm not one to throw on a pair of short shorts. I struggle to find shorts that are loose enough and long enough. Do I sound 30 yet? Ha ha! But seriously, I was this way when I was 22. I love that there are so many cute styles out now - that seem appropriate and have more coverage for those wanting to show a little less leg. I love this cabana inspired pair from Loft. The drawstring gives the waist a more defined look, making them look less baggy around the leg. They are super comfortable and have been my go-to pair this summer.

Even though we are at the tail end of summer, I know I'll still get plenty of wear out of them this season and next. Bonus - they are currently marked down to just $39! I also linked a few of my other favorites that are currently on sale. Thanks so much for reading! XO -