Monday, July 24, 2017

Thoughts on Turning 30

It's here. Today is the day. I'm saying goodbye to a decade and entering another. It's the day that seemed so far away and "so adult" just a few years ago. Yet, here it is, and it came faster than I ever thought it would - today I turn the big 3-0! I would be lying if I said that actually typing out the words I'm thirty didn't freak me out just a little, but for the most part I have accepted this new chapter of my life with open arms.

Why is it that we (myself included) have such aversion to ending our 20s? What about 30 is so scary? I think because turning 30 feels like the end of your youth - it's a distinct marker between being young and getting older. After many conversations with girl friends about turning 30, I realized that for a lot of people it's a birthday that not only makes us feel old, but also that we should be doing something. And more often than not, that something doesn't exactly match up to our fantasy of what a 30-something should be doing.

My 25 year old self would be freaking out that I'm 30 and still childless. My 28 year old self still longs for spontaneous and unforeseen travel adventures. You see, my old self had a timeline for everything - you must have a baby by age x and do this by age y. But if there's anything life has taught me so far, it's that sometimes your plans don't work out how you wanted - and that's ok. 

Lately I've realized that just because life at age 30 doesn't look like I thought it would, or what I planned it to be (and for me that's being a mom), doesn't mean that it's not great and that those things won't come. My body is still young and capable of having a baby, and who says you can't have a spontaneous trip at 38 or start your dream job at 41? I'm realizing that my youth doesn't end here, and better yet, my life doesn't end here. In fact, I feel like it's just beginning.

So today I'm embracing my 30's with open arms. I have no worries about leaving my 20s behind. I enjoyed them - I did some things right, and I did some things wrong. They were all about growth and self discovery. Some discoveries made me proud, and others not so much. But it is with this knowledge that I hope to be in my 30s everything I wasn't yet prepared to be in my 20s.  

The other day, I was talking with Chris about turning 30 (his 30th was in May), and he told me "30 is going to be our best decade yet." And he's right. It's going to be great because we are going to make it great. I'm celebrating today because now is the best time of my life. I'm alive and well, and I feel better than I've ever felt and more confident than I've ever been. Cheers to a new decade! XO -