Thursday, August 3, 2017

Life Lessons I've Learned From Blogging

In my journey of blogging, I've had many ups and downs along the way. There have been great days and bad days. Some days I feel like I'm living up to my dream of writing and sharing content with others, and other days I feel like no one out there cares what little ole' me is blogging about. There are days I'm patting myself on the back and days where I want to quit. But that's life, right? Whether it's with a job, hobby, relationship, or anything else going on in life, we all have the highs and lows.

It's been a year since I stepped away from teaching, and since then, I have dedicated a lot of time into growing this blog. Along the way, I have learned so much about the blogging world, but most importantly, I have learned a few lessons that I believe are transferable to life. Blogging is more than just sharing your favorite recipe or how to dress for an occasion - it has really taught me some valuable life lessons. Lessons that I'll hold on to forever, with or without the blog.

Your voice is important. This has been the number one wake-up call for me. When I first started blogging, I was so fearful of no one reading it and no one caring about what I have to say. Guess what? Some people probably don't care, and that's ok, because some people do. I finally came to the realization that what I have to say and share is important, and if it could inspire or make a difference in the life of just one person, then it's worth it. I'm so glad I didn't let those inner struggles win, because I have had so many readers reach out to me with feedback on how something I said impacted them. Like wow. What I'm saying matters. This obviously doesn't just apply to a blog - don't be afraid to speak up and share your thoughts, your story, your voice. Because you never know who it might touch!

Don't pay attention to critics who don't mean well. We've all got them - trolls. Ugh. Whether they are attacking you behind the screen or face to face in your personal life, they are unavoidable. I am a big believer in constructive feedback, and I'm totally ok with someone giving me useful suggestions on what I could do differently to improve. But I'm not ok with people who want to talk about others in a meaningless way and spread negativity. This blog has taught me to ignore those people - in life and in this little space of mine. I've had people say negative things about me having a blog, but I'm not going to let judgmental people dictate what makes me happy. There will always be people out there that try to bring you down. Don't let them! You do you, girl.

Stop comparing yourself to everyone else. I know, easier said than done. In today's world it's so hard not to compare yourself to the "big" blogger or beautiful girl on your Instagram feed. But I really believe that comparison is the thief of joy. Comparing yourself to every other person out there will get you no where. Success doesn't come from comparison. Of course, it's ok to learn from others, but to constantly compare is a dangerous trap. This blog brought me much more joy when I finally let go of how "big" it is (based on followers and traffic) and started focusing more on who was reading it, and how I could find ways to interact with them and inspire them. Find joy within yourself and spread it to others!

Can you relate to any of these life lessons? If you're a blogger, I'd love to hear some things you've learned along the way! If you're not a blogger, are these lessons some that you could use in your every day life? I'd love to start the conversation! Thanks so much for reading! XO -