Wednesday, September 6, 2017

How Do You Find Inspiration?

Things have been pretty quiet here on the blog lately, and I wish I could say it was all due to our IVF journey last month. While that has consumed most of my time, I'll be honest and tell you that I haven't posted much because I've simply felt uninspired. I have plenty of photos lined up and ready to share, but when it comes to writing, I feel like I've been playing the staring game with the cursor. Does that ever happen to you? When you just feel uninspired - whether it's at work, with a personal project you're working on, or a dream you are following?

Being a content creator has its ups and downs. When you're feeling inspired, ideas and words flow in like water, and other times you feel like your in the middle of a drought. When I'm feeling this way, the first thing I always do is take a step back. I do that because I have found that the key to getting out of these desert-like days is finding inspiration through reflection. Most of the time, inspiration is lost simply because of burn out. I know we can all relate to that because we are all running around, frantically trying to keep up with our lives. When my inspiration is on strike, I know it's time to slow down and get back to center.

So this month I've done just that. I have focused on what is most important in my life right now and spent a lot of time journaling. I also love taking walks, going on hikes, or for a run when I'm feeling uninspired. There's something about being in nature that really gets your creative juices flowing! This past weekend, we got to spend some quality time at the lake with Chris's family for Labor Day, and I came back feeling so refreshed! A few days in the sun and by the peaceful water is just what I needed.

I'd love to hear how you find your inspiration! For me, slowing down and spending time outdoors will usually get me back on track. So what did you do over the holiday weekend? I hope you had a great one!

PS. This is my first post since the devastating happenings in Texas due to Hurricane Harvey, and I can't go without saying that my heart breaks for everyone in the Houston area. Please know that I am praying for everyone involved! Prayers and donations are the best way I know to help, so I donated to the Houston Flood Relief Fund after researching different ways to help. If you are looking for ideas on how to help, check out this article. Stay strong, Texas!

XO -